Emergent Data Group uses its unique data gathering methods to create tools that help humanize data sets and empower companies, governments, and individuals with actionable and structured data.  With over five years of experience, and powerful relationships in our markets, EDG brings exciting new approaches to data collection and analysis.  We sift through huge quantities of unstructured and often questionable data to extract and verify meaning so we can help our clients generate impactful results.   We compare traditional data sources published on and from hard to reach places with sentiment data derived from social media, market data from confirmed hyper-local sources, and data gathered through mobile sensor technologies.  We then use our years of experience in deciphering complex emerging market situations to help our clients stay ahead of the competitors.
Emergent Data Group delivers unique, high-fidelity, and continuous data on frontier and emerging markets.

The Emergent Data Group team has years of experience in data collection and analysis with a focus on emerging markets. Our experience ranges from traditional corporate due diligence and market research to providing indexes and in depth analysis of data for prediction.  Our network extends into not just countries and cities of interest but also individual neighborhoods.

Over the past five years, our partners have put in place proven information gathering methodologies, quality control and a time-tested network of local lawyers, accountants, businessmen and other experts who collect high-fidelity data in a timely and continuous manner.

Our user-friendly technology platform allows for immediate global data analysis. We use best of bread geospatial analytical systems to provide analysis based on location and risk factors. Our system also excels in data visualization and presentation.


Emergent Data Group specializes in providing data that can be found nowhere else and that can help your company gain insight and make decisions. By tracking and quickly relaying data sets, our clients around the world enjoy a decided advantage in modeling future outcomes and gauging market and political risk.  This helps our clients to enter, understand, and take action in frontier and emerging markets before their competitors.

robust data with thorough analysis

Through our robust data collection and analysis capabilities, we are your trusted and experienced partner in providing data you can count on.  Don't let poor data steer your business.

CUrrent Data Coverage

EDG has deep data coverage and analysis in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.  Our granular data coverage goes beyond the municipality to specific neighborhoods.

Real-Time data feedback

Using Research Tracker, EDG can validate data points with real on-the-ground feedback.  We only work with confirmed data to ensure that our clients are always on the right path.


Providing additional CRM feedback and intelligence through measuring sentiment on social media.  Learn how your customers feel, not just who they are.


Customer Relationship Management is increasingly about customer behavior, but moving away from customer attitudes. The rise of big data has made it more convenient -- even lazy -- to simply plug in data feeds of customer behaviors and disregard the more costly and cumbersome efforts needed to collect valuable information about customer attitudes - what really rests in customer's hearts. 

Attitudes represent what customers feel, not just what they do.  Research indicates that companies which are willing to invest in a better understanding of their customer's feelings are then able to better target their brand messaging and substantially increase their ROI.  EDG is fusing technology with proven opinion strategies to bridge the gap between understanding customer attitudes and predicting future behaviors.  Our goal is to partner with companies who are not satisfied with following the big data crowd and who know the strategic advantage that comes with understanding "soft" attitudinal information.

Customer satisfaction, attitudes towards brands, products, sales people, and purchase intentions make all the difference.  EDG can help firms explore new avenues for tracking customer attitudes, assess their predictive potential, and then adjust CRM strategies accordingly to boost their ROI.

know your customers inside out.

Data Sales

Confirmed hyper-local data combined with big data from the global markets to create a feedback loop with more accuracy than ever before.

Taking location based data and offline tasking and using that unstructured data and transforming to structured data to sell to customers. (Actionable / Structured)

Ideal customer is anyone where a small change in data input leads to a large change in their commercial output.

Risk Management

Our risk management products allow responsible citizens to provide security planners with quick and accurate reporting of suspicious activity.  We are bringing the 911 call into the 21st century.

Risk Management

Security planners understand the value of public/audience engagement and support in major events or large public places. Research indicates that event security programs have not yet effectively integrated use of modern application technology to facilitate quick and accurate reporting of suspicious activity, people or devices in public venues. 

EDG is bridging the gap to help local security better engage the help of responsible public citizens, both within the United States and overseas. Responder app will bring the required information via metadata on a smart phone, photo, or video to the security professionals in the way they can act on it. It will also allow for re-contact with the reporting individual to facilitate safer engagement strategy and mitigate the threat of a possible planned secondary strike against first responders.


SKyware Technologies
Emergent Data Group provided us data that we were not able to get elsewhere.  The insight we gained from the data has proved to be invaluable.

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